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Average Mobile App Marketing Costs



App Marketing Strategy: Pre-Launch, Launch and Post Launch 

Your app is near the end of its development process and you’re looking to launch into the app marketplace. But before you do this, there are a few things you should take into account before releasing your application. In mobile app marketing, the success of an app is determined before and after its launch over time. All in one ASO advertising agencies have set budget plans and price ranges that would help you prepare for the launching of your app.   

The cost of mobile app marketing sits at the top of things you need to have a strategy and budget for.  Your apps budget is extremely important in getting your app downloaded, and more importantly retained by its users.  Proper steps to be taken before, during, and after launch are key to having a ground-breaking mobile app hit the market and stay at the top of the charts.  You’ll need at least $10,000 to start your app advertising campaign, but budgeting a bit more is highly recommended being that a lot of times apps hit the market ready, but fizzle out due to marketing funds running dry. A budget around $30,000 is recommended just to make sure that before funds run out, you can have at least three months of data to study to understand what the problem is.          

App Development and The Mobile Market 

With over 5.5 million apps published on marketplaces, ASO and market research are valuable tools needed in getting your app noticed within the app store. Before you look further into marketing your product, it is best to make sure it is running to the best of its ability.  Further app optimization is needed to make sure your app doesn’t turn off its users due to inefficiency.  Like said before, there are many other options on the app store, so you want to be able to draw in and keep your users after download.   

Market research is a great way of finding your target demographic and how you are going to reach them. Around $25,000 is a good start to your app’s marketing campaign, but it is recommended to budget a little more just in case.  Keep in mind other costs you may need; like perhaps reaching out to influencers, which will run your price quite a bit higher.   

What is CPI and CPA In Mobile App Marketing?

After your app is polished and all the necessary steps are taken before it hits the app store; now is the time to consider the cost of keeping that app visible on the marketplace while staying affordable.  This is where CPI (Cost Per Install) takes place.  CPI is basically the calculation between how much you are spending on marketing correlated to how many downloads of your app you are receiving.  This is extremely important in getting your app exposure and keeping it relevant on app stores. But the selling of your app doesn’t stop there.  

CPA (Cost Per Action) is the next step in further marketing your product.  CPA keeps track of what your app’s users are doing within the app.  This allows ASO agencies to study and understand your app’s users and be able to optimize and/if pivot marketing strategies to better increase your app ROI (Return on Investment).  Another thing to keep in mind is what device your users are downloading your app from, Android or IOS devices, being that the CPI’s are different depending on the device.    

Mobile App Marketing Post Launch and Maintenance Costs 

The first step into a successful app’s launch is a high amount of downloads, but this is not where the marketing ends.  In app actions like registration and in-app purchases are what keep your app a float in app stores. Being able to track this data is valuable for marketers to examine and keep an app as profitable as possible.  The price to maintain in-app market research would run about $200 per month, so your app’s CPA should be high enough to keep up with the CPI marketing.  Push notifications are a great way of keeping track of users in app actions, allowing marketers to quickly be notified of activity within the app.

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