Don’t Miss Out on These Inbound Marketing Campaign Helpers

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Don’t Miss Out on These Inbound Marketing Campaign Helpers



When it comes to running an inbound marketing campaign, things can quickly become overwhelming. Marketing a mobile app requires a keen understanding of your audience – what do they need, what do they like and dislike, where do they spend their time? These are just a few questions that mobile app marketers must answer in order to create a campaign that reaches their intended audience.

In order to make this process less painful and more insightful, we’ve put together a list of tools that are must-haves for anyone conducting an inbound marketing campaign. Take a look at how each can help make your campaign worthwhile by increasing the chance of building qualified and convertible leads.

Google Analytics for Inbound Marketing

Google Analytics is an essential tool for inbound marketers who want to gain valuable insights into how their brand is performing and how their audience is interacting with it. When you put together an inbound marketing campaign, your success can be defined by the number of leads you bring in and sales you complete. Google Analytics can help you measure your success by reporting the amount of times people click on your website, how long they stay, and which pages they navigate to.

HubSpot for Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is a well-known company that specializes in inbound marketing as well as sales. Their marketing software brings all of your tools and data together in one space in order to paint a full picture with less time and effort. The Hub helps marketers attract more visitors and customers through integrations for blogging, social media, ads, and more. It also helps to funnel those same visitors through email and other marketing automations. If you want one platform to conduct and analyze all the components of your inbound campaign, HubSpot is the place to go.

HubSpot Pricing is also quite manageable even with all the features that it includes. Complete beginners can take advantage of the free plan to test out the waters and see if HubSpot is exactly what they’re looking for. Premium plans begin at $45/month for the Starter, with options to upgrade to Professional for $800/month and Enterprise for $3200/month. In short, HubSpot has an option no matter what stage you’re at as a company.

MobileMonkey for Inbound Marketing

A recent study determined that over half of customers expect a quick reaction from support when they send an inquiry. When it comes to offering fast answers, chat is the way to go. That’s why MobileMonkey’s Multi-channel Chat platform is key for inbound marketers in the B2C sphere. The platform is full of helpful features. For inbound lead generation, marketers can take advantage of the Instagram Messaging and Facebook engagement automations. And when it comes to closing the deal, there are options for drip campaigns, conversation routing, and more. The variety of advanced messaging tools available are sure to help your business become known for communication and support amongst your audience.

MailChimp for Inbound Marketing

Part of the benefit of an inbound marketing campaign is the knowledge that your audience is receiving information from you because they want to. And with that benefit comes responsibility – you don’t want people to regret opting into receiving information from you. This is where MailChimp comes in. The email marketing software is known for being user-friendly and overflowing with features designed to make each newsletter appealing and worthwhile for those on the receiving end. From behavioral targeting and a subject line optimizer, to MailChimp automation through customer journeys and A/B testing, MailChimp helps businesses large and small use email to build relationships and drive sales.


Whether you’re writing SEO blogs for your business, or drafting email and social media copy to highlight a product, your messaging should always be clear and error-free. If you worry about catching every possible mistake, or just want a way to cut down on editing time, then Grammarly is a great resource. The desktop app is free to download and can offer basic writing suggestions for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

There is also a Premium package that includes tone adjustments, formality level, and word choice suggestions. The Business package will afford you a style guide, analytics dashboard, and priority email support for all your company’s needs. Each plan integrates with email, documents and projects, and social media to help you draft the perfect message for every medium.

In addition to the different levels of business, Grammarly also supports its on-the-go users through the Grammarly keyboard. Emails, texts, and tweets are all cleared for clarity and grammatical accuracy no matter where you’re drafting them. The keyboard is also free to download.

Twitter Search

How can a social media app like Twitter be of use to your inbound marketing strategy? You’d be surprised at how much the app can offer. Because you are trying to help people who need you find you, you need to be up to date on what their needs and questions are. And one of the best ways to do this is on Twitter’s platform. Performing a search of Twitter hashtags related to your service or product can help you conduct market research or get a sense of unbiased customer feedback. You can also make use of the Explore page to find Twitter trending topics that you can jump on in order to boost brand relevance. So the next time you’re wondering what your audience thinks or looking for a way to do some social listening to strengthen your campaign, a targeted Twitter search could be the exact way to go.


Are you constantly racking up tabs while researching industry news, viewing analytics, and creating drafts? Pocket has a solution for you. The browser extension allows you to save long interviews, think pieces, and large guides to a library where you can easily access them in between conducting meetings and putting together deliverables. You can also categorize saves and even listen to articles with the audio playback option. Anyone immersed in inbound marketing knows that organization is a large part of success, and Pocket can help you achieve just that.

Zapier for Inbound Marketing Flows

The tool rounding out this list of essentials for inbound marketing is Zapier. An automation tool, Zapier has the ability to connect 4,000+ apps into specific flows in order to save time and effort when it comes to communication. Zapier can be set up so that when a lead comes through an app such as Instagram, it will trigger a response such as an email response or the beginning of a profile in Salesforce. This allows you to really appreciate the fruits of the labor of your inbound marketing campaign. If all goes well, you should be receiving more leads than you can effectively handle manually. Zapier streamlines the process so that you can focus on what really matters – further optimizing your campaigns and funneling those leads along until they convert to successful sales.


These tools together make up an invaluable suite of apps, extensions, and platforms that can take your inbound marketing campaign to the next level. You don’t have to run out and buy all of them at once however. Take your time and begin with the free tools or their trials in order to get a feel for each and understand how you can make them work for you. As your business grows, so will your needs. And then you can add to your rolodex of tools in order to make your job easier so that you can focus on your audience.

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