Influencer’s Guide: Social Media Marketing

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Influencer’s Guide: Social Media Marketing



Are you on the rise to becoming a social media influencer? If you are, here are some tips that will help you get yourself picked up by a social media marketing agency.  First things first, make sure you are easy to contact.  Be sure to include your email in your bio; agencies need a way to reach out to you in a professional manner, and of course you don’t want to miss an opportunity to be hired just because of the simplest inconvenience in contacting. 

Next, keep your location on. Unless you’re a globally renowned influencer, your location counts as most advertisements through influencers are heavily reliant on reaching targeted demographics.  This leads to the next focus, make sure you have a brand identity.  Like mentioned before, advertisers are looking for specific influencers for specific audiences.  Don’t try to appease every audience out there, stick to your strong followers and keep your identity authentic and unique.  Your brand identity will help you grow a certain following that can eventually lead to you becoming a representative of that demographic.    

What Social Media Marketing Agencies Look For

Don’t be picky!  Constant back and forth with agencies on price and objectives will turn them off from using you as an influencer.  Especially when starting out, any deal is a good deal as you need to build trust and continuity within a given topic/audience.  Don’t do this by being all over the place in topics; pick a niche and stick to it.  Grow your audience organically and build as much trust as you can.  Definitely DO NOT purchase followers.  Advertising agencies can see through this very easily with influencer search software.

Social Media Marketing: Your Content 

Now we can go into your content.  Firstly, be unique, but stay on trend.  Follow trends from other influencers but be sure to add your own twist on things.  Avoid copy and pasting other people’s posts; you can follow their style or method but make yours your own.  This also doesn’t mean detaching yourself totally from other influencers either.  Be open to influencer collaborations, as their gains can become your gains and vice versa. This can help you build more followers and broaden your influencer range.

Lastly, your posts should be short and sweet, unless they are academic or informative.  And always have a call to action.  You want to engage with your followers as much as possible; engagement is a big factor in showing advertising agencies that you are the right influencer for their needs.  

Be Consistent in Social Media Marketing

Consistency is key in staying afloat as a respected social media influencer.  Have matching social handles on platforms, making it easy to find you.  Linktree is a great way to organize and keep your handles readily available for marketing agencies to find and contact you. Regularly post and know how to stay engaged with your followers.  Don’t neglect your low engagement days, try to reinforce these days and build more bonds. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to brands by yourself.  They need you just as much as you need them.

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