How Your NFT Art Purchase Can Help Ukraine Directly

As Ukraine continues to shoulder the burden of the Russian invasion, people are finding more unique ways to lend aid to the country. Large companies such as Uber and Airbnb have been allowing people to use their mobile apps to provide Ukranians in need with funds and transportation. But now an even more accessible approach […]

The Apple App Store Update to Review Guidelines and What it Means for App Developers

Last June, Apple held their Worldwide Developers Conference and announced changes that would be coming to the App Store Review Guidelines regarding new privacy policy for mobile apps. While these changes were announced months ago, Apple has given developers ample time to digest these changes and begin to implement them in their current apps and […]

Employee Acknowledgement at a Startup: Communicate Your Worker’s Value

Remembering to recognize employees can be a struggle for every type of business, but a scrappy startup faces a steeper challenge. In a startup, your employees may be few but each is wearing a variety of hats. You rely on your employees to act like owners and rise to the occasion, but employee acknowledgement can […]

Gig Economy Apps: The Future of Freelance Work

Freelance work has always been around, and it’s only gotten easier to pick up a side hustle.  Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still running its course; many people have been out of a job, or just have a bit more spare time on their hands.  So why not pick up another trade! Or even, start […]

Tips That Can Translate to Carefree Traveling

Ever get starry-eyed over seeing a location or fall in love with a culture, but are too nervous to immerse yourself in its culture? This anxiety can maybe reflect a language class you are having trouble in but enjoy deeply; or ordering a meal from a menu written in a different language.  Translating documents, signs, […]

3 Things You Can Expect from Your First Digital Marketing Internship

3 Things You Can Expect from Your First Digital Marketing Internship

If you want to work in digital marketing – you probably know why. This is a job where a word travels fast, maybe even the fastest, considering the fact that it is happening on the web. Still, there are practical twists and turns even an experienced digital marketing specialist can learn from, and they come […]


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